My Love of The Sub Blimpies Jersey Mikes Submarine Sandwiches



The Original BLIMPIES

Hoboken New Jersey


Yeah I love Subs. I grew up in Jersey, Loving Subs, Burgers, Hotdogs, and eating many a meal in Diners, Burger Joints, and Sub Shops. My Dad was a great guy who would take us kids to all the best diners and burger joints around. Oh favorite was Geeshen’s Luncheonette in East Rutherford, right near our house/ They made great Burgers there, along with homemade Ice Cream, and Chocolates for Easter and Valetines Day. Yeah it was great place, that I loved sitting at a booth with my brother Jimmy, Sister Baz, and Daddy, ordering up some tasty burgers and dropping a quarter in the Jukebox right there at our booth, to play our favorite songs. Yeah we  loved that place, but weren’t we talking about Blimpies and Submarine Sandwiches? Yes!

OK, Submarine Sandwiches. Yes, they were on our radar, though we ate more Burgers, and even Hotdogs at Rutt’s Hut, “Home of The Ripper,” deep-fried hot-dogs. We loved Subs too, which we’d usually get at The Sub Stop in  Passaic, just over the bridge on the Passaic River. The Sub Stop was an old Railroad Train Caboose that some people bought and turned it into a Subnarine Shop. My brother Jimmy and I loved it, and we got many a tasty Submarine Sandwich there over the years, especially when we worked at Crossroads, a Christmas Tree lot, where we sold Christmas Trees and made Wreaths and grave blankets during the Christmas Season every year from the ages of 12 to 16. One we turned 17, and could drive, we got other jobs, and especially now, we could drive to the Sub Stop to get sandwiches any time at all. Once in a while we’d get Subs at Pizzatown on Route 46, but when there, the Calzone was my favorite, as Pizzatown was the only place to get them at the time. A few times we went to Blimpies in Moonachie. I’ve always loved the subs they make at Blimpies, and it really bummed me out when the Blimpies on 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village close, as well as the Blimpie’s on 4th Avenue as well.

Now, I can’t talk about Submarine Sandwiches and not talk about our favorite Sub Sandwich of all, the one at “Mike’s Subs” (Now Mr. Best) in Lake George. Dam they made tasty sandwiches, and we always got a couple on any of our many trips up there to the lake, which was my father’s and brother Jimmy’s favorite vacation place of all. I’d never leave Lake George without getting a sandwich from Mike’s Subs to take on the ride back home to New Jersey.

So, once I moved to Manhattan, a couple times a month, I’d get a sub at Blimpies, until all of them closed. I had thought there were none left, but there actually are. I thought I’d Google them to see if there was still one somewhere in Manhattan. I was reading about another of my favorites, White House Subs in Atlantic City and it got my thinking of these great sandwiches, so I did a search of Blimpie’s, and “I’ll be Dammed,” there’s one (Blimpie’s) down on Nassau Street, and one in Harlem as well, and guess what? Later on, I’m going down there to get one. As I said before, as I’d been thinking of White House Subs and how much I miss them , I’m even contemplating traveling a 100 miles, all the way to Atlantic City, just to get one. Well at least I can travel all the way down to the Wall Street area to get my Blimpie Fix.


Daniel Bellino Zwicke